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Cubism Adds New MR Features With Quest 3 Update Today

Cubism Adds New MR Features With Quest 3 Update Today

Cubism receives a Quest 3 update today, adding new mixed reality features and sharper visuals.

Developed by Thomas Van Bouwel (Laser Dance), we previously called Cubism both one of the best Meta Quest 2 games and one of the best hand tracking games. It already supports mixed reality gameplay but a new update builds upon that further for today's Quest 3 launch with two experimental new MR features.

Described as helping "further integrate the game’s puzzles with your real environment," Cubism now supports Quest’s Space Setup. Van Bouwel states that lets you "bring in your actual table or desk into the game and snap the puzzle on top of it." If calibrated precisely, this lets the menu lay flat on a table surface and that allows for tabletop haptic feedback when pushing buttons.

The second new feature is 'Puzzle Persistence' which uses Quest’s Spatial Anchors. Detailed in a press release, that lets you resume gameplay by loading your most recently played puzzle at its last played physical location when you start Cubism. On Quest 3, improved resolution is also promised through an enhanced render scale and this update adds a new re-centre button.

Cubism is available now on the Meta Quest platform, PC VR and Pico.

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