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Cosmodread Brings Roguelike VR Horror To PSVR 2

Cosmodread Brings Roguelike VR Horror To PSVR 2

Roguelike VR horror game Cosmodread is available on PSVR 2 now, after surprise dropping on the platform earlier this week.

It's been a big week for PSVR 2 – not only is Cosmodread now available on the headset, but it's joined by Nock and Beat Saber, which also launched this week with somewhat little notice.

There was also the PlayStation Showcase earlier in the week, which included a new trailer for Resident Evil 4 Remake's VR Mode, a new look at Synpase and the reveals of Arizona Sunshine 2 and Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted 2.

Strangely, Cosmodread's surprise drop wasn't included in the PlayStation Showcase lineup, but nonetheless comes as a welcome addition to the headset's library. The game, which first released for Quest and PC VR in early 2021, comes from the same developer as the cult-classic grandfather of VR horror, Dreadhalls.

In our original Cosmodread review, we said that "although it doesn’t do a whole lot to push the genre forward in many meaningful ways, it absolutely nails the suffocating terror, incredibly immersive atmosphere, and unnerving tension that makes VR horror so powerful."

Cosmodread is available now on PSVR 2 for $14.99. To learn more, you can read our Cosmodread review for Quest and PC VR.

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