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Synapse Arrives This July On PSVR 2, Starring David Hayter & Jennifer Hale

Synapse screenshot

nDreams provided a fresh glimpse at Synapse today, revealing narrative and casting details for this PSVR 2 exclusive.

First revealed in February's State of Play presentation, nDreams' latest action-shooter received a new trailer during today's PlayStation Showcase. Confirming a July 4 release date, Synapse "takes place on the eve of a devastating global attack, masterminded by the nefarious Colonel Peter Conrad," a former black ops leader gone rogue. Labelled an enemy of the state as he threatens armageddon, it's down to you to stop him. Here's the new trailer:

The trailer also provided our first look at the cast, which sees David Hayter working with nDreams once again following 2020's Phantom: Covert Ops. He's portraying Colonel Peter Conrad and joined by Jennifer Hale as Handler Clara Sorensen, a director of the secretive Bureau V.

Sorensen acts as "the player’s sole link to the outside world," as you explore the Colonel's warped subconscious. You'll be tasked with "breaking into the Colonel’s mind to extract crucial intel that will put an end to his plans for mass destruction."

Synapse arrives on July 4 as a PSVR 2 exclusive, and nDreams promises further news "in the coming weeks."


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