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Zero Caliber On Quest Gets PvP This Month, PC Coming Soon

Zero Caliber On Quest Gets PvP This Month, PC Coming Soon

Zero Caliber: Reloaded, the Quest version of the modern FPS, is getting PvP support soon.

Developer XREAL Games recently confirmed that the standalone edition of the game will get the long-promised mode on July 28. You can see some gameplay from the update in a new trailer below.

Zero: Caliber Reloaded PvP Nears Release

Right now we know that Reloaded PvP will include 4v4 matches with four game modes: Gungame, Team DeathMatch, Death Match and Capture the Flag). This will bring the game up to the same amount of features as rivals like Contractors. We’ll definitely be interested to see how Zero Caliber’s offerings stack up next to those other titles.

As for the original Zero Caliber on PC? XREAL says PvP support is still coming this year and that these modes will have cross-play with the Quest version. That’s significant given that Reloaded currently isn’t cross-play with the original game when it comes to campaign co-op given the differences in missions. From the sounds of it the PvP is being developed to make sure both versions specifically work together.

Mod support for the PvP is also due to arrive later in the year.

Elsewhere XREAL is also working on its upcoming co-op shooter, Gambit. We revealed a first look at gameplay during the Upload VR Showcase last month.

Will you be checking out Zero Caliber’s PvP options? Let us know in the comments below!


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