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Yupitergrad Update Adds 120Hz On Quest 2, New Time Attack Levels

Yupitergrad Update Adds 120Hz On Quest 2, New Time Attack Levels

A Yupitergrad update brings some new content and support for 120Hz on Oculus Quest 2.

The update drops on May 20 and will bring 10 new levels in Time Attack mode, which will feature some obstacles and traps that you haven’t encountered before. There’s also some new music tracks across the entire game, so keep an ear out for those as you swing through the game. This new content will come to all platforms, but is only launching for PC VR and Quest tomorrow — PSVR players will have to wait a bit longer, with no set release date on that platform just yet.

For Oculus Quest 2 users, the update will also bring support for the higher 120Hz refresh rate that is available to Quest owners as an experimental feature. Yupitergrad joins a growing list of games that now support 120Hz — you can check out our rundown of those here.

Yupitergrad released earlier this year and we found it to be pretty good overall, with some frustrating obstacles here and there:

At its heart, Yupitergrad’s brand of VR vaulting offers a clean and thrilling sensation, but its obstacle courses can frustrate as much as they do entertain. It’s not a game to master so much as it is to survive as you subject yourself to the mercy of its gauntlet and the finicky arsenal that helps you navigate it. Take it short strides, keep your patience and there’s fun to be had with Yupitergrad. It just gets strung up by its own plungers from time-to-time.

The Yupitergrad update will be available for free for PC VR and Quest from May 20, with PSVR coming “shortly after.”

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