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Yupitergrad Is Basically Spider-Man VR (In Space) With Gorgeous Visuals

Yupitergrad Is Basically Spider-Man VR (In Space) With Gorgeous Visuals

Whoever knew the insides of a Soviet-era Russian space facility could look so, well, colorful? Yupitergrad did, apparently.

This gorgeous new VR game is being developed by Poland-based Gamedust and is on its way to PC VR headsets later this year. It’s essentially a Spider-Man VR game… in space. Cast as a Russian cosmonaut, you travel to a base on Jupiter to test a new device. Things go a bit haywire, however, and soon you’re swinging for your life. Check out the trailer below.

You traverse through the giant, labyrinthine facility, dodging hazards and perfecting techniques across over 50 levels. Gamedust says the experience features an innovative design that combats motion sickness. We’ll be eager to see exactly how that works, as swinging in VR can be a pretty uncomfortable experience. We’ve previously seen games like Windlands take the mechanic head-on, but it’s definitely not for everyone. Could this maybe do for swinging what Lone Echo did for zero gravity VR movement?

Gamedust previously worked on titles like Spuds Unearthed, Neverout and Overflight, so it has a fair bit of experience in the VR space. Extra points for the game’s Dieselpunk visuals, which provide a rather striking cel-shaded style.

Look for Yupitergrad to touch down on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive later in Q3 via SteamVR and Viveport. Oculus Quest and PSVR versions are planned for release later down the line. Are you looking forward to the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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