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Yupitergrad 2 Announced With Metroidvania Focus

Yupitergrad 2 Announced With Metroidvania Focus

Gamedust just announced Yupitergrad 2: The Lost Station, coming to Quest and PC VR soon.

Check out the first trailer for the game below. As with the first game, Yupitergrad 2 sees players swinging through a space station using two makeshift grappling hooks (which are really plungers on ropes) to move between locations. Whereas the first game had a linear campaign, Gamedust says the sequel will be a Metroidvania-style game in which players will upgrade their gear and use it to unlock new areas.

Yupitergrad 2 Revealed

The trailer shows a similar animated art style to the original, complete with some new features. There are now enemy drones, for example, which you can take down with wrist-mounted machine guns.

We thought the first Yupitergrad was a fun, if finicky VR platformer, which offered tough controls but also a welcome challenge. “At its heart, Yupitergrad’s brand of VR vaulting offers a clean and thrilling sensation, but its obstacle courses can frustrate as much as they do entertain,” we said. “It’s not a game to master so much as it is to survive as you subject yourself to the mercy of its gauntlet and the finicky arsenal that helps you navigate it.”

The game also saw generous post-launch support with free updates adding new modes and more. Currently there’s no release window for the sequel.

Are you interested in trying out Yupitergrad 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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