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Enter World Of Mechs - Out Now For Meta Quest 2

Enter World Of Mechs - Out Now For Meta Quest 2


Hi there! My name is Ashilee Smith and I’m the Community Manager for World of Mechs, a competitive online, squad-based VR game tailor-made for the Meta Quest 2 and backed by the Meta Grant Program. It’s out right now for $19.99, so go grab some buds and give it a shot!

So… what’s our game all about anyway? In short, World of Mechs is the only Meta Quest 2 title that allows players to hop into massive 10-ton war machines with weapons ablaze and jump-jets engaged. Pilots can team up with three friends and engage enemies in online multiplayer matches across five unique maps. In the heat of battle, they can take advantage of elevated landscapes for the perfect ambush and utilize obstacles and structures as defensive rally points. Tear apart the warzone strategically or rampage however you and your mechs see fit!

World of Mechs’ four online modes take a page from familiar multiplayer classics. Score the most kills in Team Deathmatch, capture and hold objectives to earn points in Domination, lead charges against enemy positions in Assault, and take down a rival mech unit while protecting your marked teammate in VIP. Assert your supremacy proudly when you become the big dog of the arena – just don’t forget about us little guys.

If multiplayer isn’t up your alley, World of Mechs also includes a single-player campaign where players can duel and defeat formidable bosses, then take their machines to become an ironclad legend.

As its name suggests, World of Mechs is all about piloting beautiful steel behemoths. The medic mechs are my personal favorites. Whenever I get the chance to lend a helping hand, I take it. I’m not too shabby!

When the battle is won, players can use the spoils of victory to upgrade their mech’s speed, armor, and – of course – badass guns. They can also activate special mech class abilities to jam radar sensors, deploy landmine traps, and enable stealth cloaking to sneak behind targets.

There are 32 mechs across 8 different class types to choose from. Zoom past enemies as a recon Scout, lay down suppressing fire as the support Trooper, or bring the hammer with the Brawler’s close-range firepower. Become one with your mech and achieve chaotic nirvana while launching a salvo of barrage missiles on the opposition.

If you’re not too familiar with VR, the game includes a tutorial to help guide you on your way to become a superstar pilot. It also has an array of built-in VR comfort options to accommodate Meta Quest 2 players that easily suffer from motion sickness. Toggle Cockpit Sway, Side Shutters, and Headset Aim for an immersive and comfortable demolition derby experience.

We’re so excited to finally unleash metal mayhem alongside the Meta Quest 2 community! Stay tuned for more on World of Mechs soon – including news of its arrival on other platforms! Follow us on Facebook, join the discussion on Twitter, and join our official Discord server to stay up to date with everything about the game.

Ready to kick some ass (or get your ass kicked)? Pick up the game on Meta Quest 2 today and get ready for a damn good time.

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