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Windows VR Headsets Start Arriving On October 17th

Windows VR Headsets Start Arriving On October 17th

There’s one last bit of Windows VR news to round out a week of big announcements for the upcoming platform; the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update hits on October 17th.

Microsoft announced the news at the IFA technology show in Berlin this week. The Fall Creators Update adds of host of new features and applications to the Windows OS, but Microsoft also notes that this update will enable people to immerse themselves in the company’s new headsets, made in partnership with a range of manufacturers.

Of course, if you’re lucky enough to own a Windows VR development kit then you can already access the platform in the current iteration, so that’s not really news. What is news, though, is that Windows VR headsets will start shipping on October 17th.

We already knew Dell’s headset would be arriving on this date, but this announcement confirms the headset will be one of the first to launch. The blog post also confirms that the Asus headset, detailed earlier this week, won’t be arriving until spring 2018. We’ve reached out to Microsoft to ask after the launch dates of the consumer Acer, HP and Lenovo, the latter of which most recently said its device would launch “in the coming weeks”.

Will you be picking up a Windows VR headset?

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