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Windlands Surprise Launches On Oculus Quest App Lab

Windlands Surprise Launches On Oculus Quest App Lab

One of the first PC VR and PSVR games to ever be released, Windlands, has finally made the jump to Oculus Quest via App Lab.

The first-person platformer from Psytec Games surprise launched on the App Lab store today for $14.99. It contains the full original game that launched on PC and PSVR all the way back in 2016.

Windlands is a platformer in which players operate two grappling hooks. They use these to swing through floating islands, finding collectibles. It was one of VR’s first really intense experiences, pushing the boundaries of comfort to deliver a fast-paced game.

The game did eventually get a sequel, Windlands 2, which was released on PC VR a few years later. It added in co-op support and combat using archery. It’s also due to hit PSVR a little later on this year. No word yet on if Psytec could be working on a Quest version of the sequel as well, but we’ve asked.

Will you be checking out Windlands on Oculus Quest? Let us know in the comments below!

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