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Wenkly Studio Launches Astro Hunters VR in 2024

Wenkly Studio Launches Astro Hunters VR in 2024

This post was produced by UploadVR in partnership with Wenkly Studio as part of their UVRSW23 Sponsorship.

Have you been searching for a new space adventure in virtual reality? At the Upload VR Showcase - Winter 2023, Wenkly Studio announced the 2024 launch of their upcoming title, Astro Hunters VR. The game will be available on the Meta, Steam, and Pico platforms in Q3 and will be released on PSVR2 at a later date. 

Astro Hunters VR transports players into an open-world, VR action-adventure set in space where exploration is pertinent to success. Gather supplies and defeat menacing aliens solo or with friends in multiplayer mode. 

Quickly become familiar with the mothership and all of the advantages that it lends you throughout the journey, including a Component Station for crafting, potions for health boosts, and an Upgrade Station for kitting out your weapons. 

Once you’re outside of the mothership’s safety, expect to discover dangerous alien planets with unique landscapes and secrets to discover around every turn. Each ecosphere brings a plethora of resources you’ll need to gather to craft the tools and weapons necessary to keep you safe. 

A significant part of exploring the interstellar is protecting yourself. Players should consistently upgrade their tools and weapons at the Upgrade Station to make sure they can fight effectively against the various enemies that will test their strategy and combat skills time and time again.

Are you still curious about what’s coming from Wenkly Studio and Astro Hunters VR? Follow their social accounts on X, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. Don’t forget to join the official Discord server for game developments and sneak peeks.

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