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Warhammer Tempestfall Launches Hardcore Mode, Mechanics Updates

Warhammer Tempestfall Launches Hardcore Mode, Mechanics Updates

Carbon Studios’ Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Tempestfall now has a Hardcore Mode.

When the first-person action title launched last month its campaign could only be played in one mode. The Hardcore Mode was listed, but greyed out so that you couldn’t actually select it. Details on exactly what this mode changes and how the game is harder aren’t exactly clear but, given that we thought the original version of the game was far too easy to exploit, we’ll definitely be interested to check it out.

Carbon also released a new mixed reality tailer for the game today, which you can see below.

Warhammer VR Updates Incoming

Today’s update also brings with it a host of mechanical changes. Carbon says it’s easier to cast spells, navigate the inventory system and open chests, three complaints that we cited in our original review. There are also bug fixes and the studio says its optimized the experience to run better, along with improving the visuals at the same time.

We’ll be looking to dive into the update to see exactly how different the game is. We gave the launch version of Tempestfall an ‘Okay’ label, noting issues with the combat system. “The combat is a mess in need of a significant overhaul, the UI is fussy and unhelpful, and a string of bugs and puzzle roadblocks kill any sense of momentum,” we said. “With more time under the hood, a lot of these issues could have been refined and Tempestfall would have been a highlight in a meager year for PC VR releases.”

A Quest version of the game is still due to launch next year.

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