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VR MMO Ilysia Assures Development Going 'Extremely Well'

VR MMO Ilysia Assures Development Going 'Extremely Well'

Team 21, developer of upcoming VR MMO Ilysia, has assured fans development is going “extremely well”, despite recent silence.

The studio said as much in a Kickstarter update this week. “While we have been relatively silent regarding development, we promise you that things are going extremely well!” the post reads. “The entire team has been hard at work and, while we still need to keep a lot of what we are working on under wraps, we are beyond excited to share with you all the things we’ve completed over the past few months with news and more content on the way!”

Currently, the studio is working towards a second Alpha test for the game, though it says it’s currently ironing out bugs from playtesters. We also got a glimpse of a new player avatar design, which you can see below.

We’ve been following Ilysia’s development since it launched its Kickstarter in 2020. It’s another contender for the VR MMO throne, offering promising an expansive fantasy work filled with monsters to fight and quests to complete. It’s obviously an especially interesting time to consider how the VR MMO is coming along given last month’s launch of Zenith. We just published our full review on the game.

With a second alpha test still being prepared, it’ll likely be some time before Ilysia is ready for a full launch, though. Are you still looking forward to the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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