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YUR Now Ranks VR Fitness Games By Workout Intensity

YUR Now Ranks VR Fitness Games By Workout Intensity

Looking for a VR workout? VR fitness platform YUR can now give you recommendations based on intensity.

YUR has long been a source of calorie tracking when working out in VR games on PC or, in more limited cases, Oculus Quest. In March, the company revealed a virtual fitness watch that you could take with you across games to keep count of how many calories you’re burning. This weekend, though, it launched a rankings section on its website.

The rankings take data from individual players and use them to find an average amount of calories burned per minute and the average number of squats it equates to over an hour. It then uses this data to liken the experience to a type of traditional exercise. Rhythm games like Beat Saber and Supernatural, for example, are compared to rowing, while VR boxing game The Thrill Of The Fight is likened to biking.

We’ve seen the idea before, though YUR seems to offer the most up-to-date VR fitness rankings we can find right now. Apparently Half-Life: Alyx is akin to jumping on an elliptical machine, who knew?

VR fitness was already an exciting area of the industry before lockdown, but it’s become even more essential over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve seen several indie apps partner up to offer fitness bundles and updates, while Supernatural launched its $20-a-month, Beast Saber-like subscription service with daily playlists and guidance from trainers.

What are some of your favorite VR games to work out to? Let us know in the comments below!

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