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VR Core Offers $100,000 in Prizes To "Hardcore" VR Developers

VR Core Offers $100,000 in Prizes To "Hardcore" VR Developers

Virtual reality is now an industry with a healthy amount of development. What began as bundles of duct tape, cardboard, and loose wires have now grown into an industry with multi-billion dollar potential. This growth has not been lost on the wider world and as a result the amount of VR studios has skyrocketed in the past two years or so.

With so many different studios, individuals, and production houses vying for your attention it can be difficult to determine which content to consume. They may all seem similar to you but after October 5 a handful of them will have something that the others won’t: an extra $100,000.

The Chinese publisher, VR Core, is sponsoring a battle of development champions through which top creators will vie for the competition’s top honor: the “Hardcore VR” award. This award comes with the obvious bragging rights of being named the most officially hardcore creator, but it also comes with a few side-bonuses that aren’t too bad either including a cash prize.

In addition to the Hardcore award, VR Core will also be doling out a few other accolades as well. Best Game, Best Movie, Best Tech, and Best App are also all up for grabs and these winners will be taking home VR ready graphics cards, consoles, and development kits. Category winners will also have be given direct access to 10 top Chinese venture capital firms to help their ideas and creations continue to grow.

Nominees for these awards were selected back in May of this year and the official winners will be announced during a VR Core ceremony on October 4 in Beijing, China. The winners will be chosen by a special panel of 12 VR professionals who, according to VR Core, consist of representatives from top VR platforms in including PlayStation and HTC.

Winners will be announced on VR Core’s official website following the October 4 ceremony.

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