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VR Mech Shooter Vox Machinae Gets Quest 2 Version, Campaign In March

VR Mech Shooter Vox Machinae Gets Quest 2 Version, Campaign In March

Hot off the heels of announcing a single-player campaign at the beginning of the month, VR mech shooter Vox Machinae is also coming to Quest very soon.

Developer Space Bullet confirmed that the game is aiming to launch on the standalone headset on March 3rd, though there’s a chance it could be a little later. This version of the game will include both the multiplayer content already available in the PC VR version of Vox Machinae as well as the single-player campaign, which you can see a trailer for below.

Vox Machinae Quest 2 Version Confirmed

It looks like the PC VR version of the game will also get the campaign on this date, as the game’s been in early access for a number of years at this point. The trailer shows a deep focus on story, with players spending time with crewmates between battles out on alien planets. It’s definitely impressive to see the game place such a focus on narrative, though that voice acting is definitely something.

Vox Machinae first released on PC in early access years back now, and we were fond of its immersive cockpit controls. In a blog post, Space Bullet noted that the team had spent much of the past few years optimizing the game to the point that it could run on mobile hardware. It’ll be interesting to compare how the final PC build of the game measures up to the Quest version.

Will you be checking out Vox Machinae on Quest 2? Let us know in the comments below.

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