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Virtual Desktop Adds Support For Hand Tracking 2.0 In New Update

Virtual Desktop Adds Support For Hand Tracking 2.0 In New Update

A new update to Guy Godin’s Virtual Desktop app adds support for Meta’s new and improved hand tracking features.

The free patch, which released yesterday, implements several new features. Highlighting the update, however, is support for hand tracking 2.0, the newly upgraded hand tracking support made available to Quest 2 users. As we wrote last week, the Meta update improves the quality of tracking when moving your hands moving quickly and better handles tougher scenarios like touching hands or dealing with occlusion.

Virtual Desktop Adds Better Hand Tracking

It’ll definitely be a big bonus for the VR productivity app, then, and we’ve also seen it added to other games like Cubism and Unplugged. In particular, Virtual Desktop’s unique feature that lets you emulate Oculus Touch controllers on PC using hand tracking should be improved now. The feature is still very much an experiment, however.

Also included in this week’s Virtual Desktop update is the ability to switch seats in some of the app’s environments and a new Personal Theater.

Are you going to be trying out Virtual Desktop’s new hand tracking update? Let us know in the comments below!

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