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Live On Upload This Week: Until You Fall Hard Mode Challenge!

Live On Upload This Week: Until You Fall Hard Mode Challenge!

We’re getting in the fighting spirit for this week’s livestreams. Join Jamie and Zeena on a quest to topple Until You Fall’s toughest mode, starting today at 8:30am PT/4:30pm GMT!

Schell Games’ arcade-style roguelike remains one of our favorite VR games to date, but we’re yet to tackle Until You Fall’s greatest challenge – beating the hardest difficulty. Trust us when we say, that’s no easy task.

Make sure to watch along below:

In Until You Fall, you take multiple runs at a procedurally generated gauntlet filled with enemies. Players can equip two weapons which they first use to block incoming attacks from enemies and then return fire. The game uses on-screen prompts to deliver a fast-paced, arcadey battle system that feels great in VR. Think of it a bit like Hades in VR.

“The genre’s staple elements feel wholly refreshed by swapping out fast fingers for realistic movements, and the foundation of upgradable gear, new weapons and different loadouts encourages you to return again and again,” we said in our review of the game. “Its combat system has some unfortunate quirks and I would have liked to see more elements rooted in reality, but as an addictive arcade treat you’ll find hard to put down, Until You Fall stands a cut above the competition.”

So join us this week as we bravely take sword(s) in hand and take the fight to gauntlet of monsters. Are we up to the challenge? Tune in to find out! And don’t forget to subscribe to Upload’s YouTube channel while you’re at it.

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