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Steam Games Festival Livestream: New VR Demos Live!

Steam Games Festival Livestream: New VR Demos Live!

What’s next for SteamVR? Find out today as we stream the latest demos from the Steam Games Festival at 4:30pm GMT/8:30am PT!

Steam Games Festivals offer users a taste of what’s to come on Valve’s digital storefront, and VR has carved out a little space for itself. The latest event is coming to a close tomorrow, February 9th at 10am PT, so we’re taking some time to see what’s on offer before we wave goodbye.

Join Jamie and Zeena at they take a look at new games like JRPG hopeful, Sword Reverie, the brilliantly-named Toss! and stomach-churning risker-taker, Jumps VR. With any luck we’ll find some gems. Without any luck, well, let’s just say those missing our VR Roulette show will probably be happy with today’s stream.

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