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Oculus App Lab Livestream: Second Wave Of Releases Live!

Oculus App Lab Livestream: Second Wave Of Releases Live!

Oculus App Lab has now been available for a few weeks and yet more VR games and apps have launched on the platform. So what’s new? Join us today at 8:30am PT/4:30pm GMT to find out!

App Lab is Facebook’s new way of letting developers release content on Quest without passing Store requirements or sideloading. Developers can submit much more experimental applications to be included, launch pre-release versions of titles or even release full games for a price. To find App Lab games, all you need is the link to their store location – you won’t find them just browsing the store regularly.

When it launched earlier in February, we checked out titles like MarineVerse Cuop, Gym Class and Descent Alps. Now another five experiences have launched, which we’ll be checking out today.

New Oculus App Lab Livestream

Join Jamie and Zeena as we shoot our way through Rhythm ‘n Bullets and dive into promising VR RPG, Arcaxer. We’ll also be warming up our racket arm in Cyber Tennis and fulfilling our weird life-long dreams in Bard Hero VR.

Here’s the full list of titles we’ll be checking out today (time permitting). You can find all of these listed in the new App Lab section of SideQuest:

– Rhythm ‘n Bullets
– Arcaxer
– Bard Hero VR
– Cyber Tennis
– Shinobi Breaker

Like the stream? Then don’t forget to comment, like and subscribe! We’ll be back later this week with the games instalment of the VR Download podcast and of course be keeping you up-to-date with all the latest VR news.

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