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Swarm Live VR Interview And Q&A Video

Swarm is a recently released arcade shooter for Quest and PC VR that mixes fast-paced gunplay with grappling traversal mechanics. We’re sitting down in our virtual studio with Greensky Games to talk about the history of the game and its development.

The interview is set to take place later today at 2pm PST on our YouTube channel. I’ll be joined by Peter Le Bek from Greensky Games, one of the lead designers and developers who worked on Swarm. We’ll be talking about the history of Greensky Games, what drew Peter and the studio to a VR game and the design and development process of Swarm.

You can watch it live down below or simply watch it like a normal YouTube video if you miss the live broadcast. If you are joining us live, be sure to leave any questions you have in the comments section — we’ll try get some of the audience’s questions answered as well.

Swarm released earlier this month — here’s an excerpt from my hands-on:

Swarm is a entertaining distillation of a few other elements we’ve seen in VR before. It’s got fantastic swinging mechanics for traversal, solid arcade gunplay and a wave-based enemy structure with hints of bullet hell. What makes the game fun is the intersection of all three, which (from what we’ve played so far) ensures that none of them outstay their welcome.

You can read the rest of my hands-on here.

Let us know what you think of Swarm and be sure to leave your questions in the chat during the live broadcast — we’ll try to get as many answered as possible.

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