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Unplugged's Full Tracklist Revealed: Tenacious D, The Clash And More

Unplugged's Full Tracklist Revealed: Tenacious D, The Clash And More

Anotherway and Vertigo Games today revealed the full Unplugged tracklist, confirming a host of new songs for the upcoming VR rhythm game.

You can see the full tracklist below, which adds artists like The Clash, Rush, T. Rex and Tenacious D to the game. Previously we knew that The Offspring, Weezer and Ozzy Osbourne would all appear, along with some smaller, lesser-known bands like Bumblefoot and Freak Kitchen.

Full Unplugged Tracklist Revealed

Unplugged Tracklist

Notable tracks from the full 23-strong tracklist include Should I Stay Or Should I Go by The Clash, Roadie by Tenacious D, Spirit In The Sky by Norman Greenbaum, and Hate To Say I Told You So by The Hives. Steel Panther’s Eye Of The Panther is also included, which is fitting given that the band’s guitarist, Satchel, serves as your virtual mentor in the campaign.

Unplugged is played entirely using hand-tracking technology. That means you don’t hold a real or plastic guitar but instead air guitar your way through the game’s songs. Aside from the lack of a peripheral the game works pretty much like Guitar Hero, getting you to match colored notes to the corresponding fingers as they stream towards you. We were skeptical that the hand-tracking on Oculus Quest could keep up with the game but came away cautiously optimistic from our first hands-on session.

Unplugged launches on Oculus Quest on October 21. It’s also coming to PC VR headsets with finger-tracking capabilities (including the Valve Index controllers) later on. Check back later today for a video Q&A with Vertigo Games producer, Marcus Henderson, live from our weekly Gamescast.

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