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Ultrawings 2 Quest 2 Release Date Confirmed

Ultrawings 2 Quest 2 Release Date Confirmed

Bit Planet Games is launching Ultrawings 2 on Quest 2 at the beginning of February.

The flight game follow-up launches on the standalone headset on February 3rd, a new trailer below confirms. A wishlist page has also gone live on the Oculus Store. To be clear, this is just for the standalone version of the game – Ultrawings 2 is also coming to PC but a final release date for that version hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Ultrawings 2 Quest 2 Release Date Revealed

The Ultrawings games strike a balance between simulation and arcade gameplay. They don’t have a fully realistic approach like a Microsoft Flight Simulator, for example, but you do still have to familarize yourself with a cockpit, master tricky landings, and perfect the controls to progress in the game. We’ve been hands-on with the game extensively already, and it’s shaping up nicely. The virtual flight stick controls work well and there are multiple islands to fly between.

As you play you’ll unlock new aircraft to master, each presenting its own unqiue challenges. Plus, Bit Planet is adding new combat missions to the game, enabling dogfights in the series for the first time. Combined with the usual stunt and race missions as well as other objective types, the developer promises that the game is going to keep you busy for some time.

Elsewhere the game may come to PSVR, though an official version for that platform hasn’t been confirmed at this time. Are you going to be picking up Ultrawings 2 on Quest 2? Let us know in the comments below!


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