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Ultrawings 2 Available Now For PC VR On Steam, Rift With Cross-Buy

Ultrawings 2 Available Now For PC VR On Steam, Rift With Cross-Buy

Ultrawings 2 is now available for PC VR platforms, after launching first on Quest 2 in early February.

The game became available around a week ago on Steam for PC VR headsets, and launched yesterday on the Oculus Store for Rift. The latter version of the game also supports cross-buy with Quest, so owners on one platform will also get access to the other automatically.

Despite launching first on Quest, the team at Bit Planet Games ensured us that the PC VR version is not a scaled up version of the Quest 2 release. In fact, it’s the other way around. You can check out the PC VR launch trailer embedded above.

The developers say that the game should shine with the higher specifications on PC compared to standalone hardware, too.

The only caveats for now are that HOTAS support isn’t included for PC VR at launch (but it is coming soon) and multiplayer isn’t quite ready yet. Testing for the latter feature is ongoing, but you can access an early build that’s likely to have stability issues. If you want to access multiplayer on PC regardless, you can find the access code on the Ultrawings Discord server. Until multiplayer and HOTAS support are finished, the game will remain in early access on Steam.

In our review of the Quest 2 release, we called Ultrawings 2 “a super sequel you won’t want to miss”, awarding the game a rare Essential label. You can read the full review here.

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