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Ultraleap Hyperion Makes The Best Hand Tracking Tech Even Better

Ultraleap Hyperion Makes The Best Hand Tracking Tech Even Better

Ultraleap released Hyperion, the latest version of its industry-leading hand tracking software runtime and SDK.

Hyperion supports the Leap Motion Controller 2 addon, which supports almost any headset (including standalone headsets) via USB or can be integrated into a headset's existing sensor suite by headset makers.

We tried the previous version of Ultraleap's hand tracking, called Gemini, at CES 2022 and found it noticeably superior to Meta Quest or Apple Vision Pro hand tracking.

Ultraleap claims Hyperion can track small finger movements "down to the millimeter" to enable subtle microgestures, and is more robust when the hand is holding a physical object.

Hyperion also adds support for fiducial marker tracking, in addition to hands, and gives developers direct access to the Leap Motion Controller 2 stereo IR cameras so they can implement custom computer vision algorithms.

Finally, Hyperion adds a low power mode and high power mode in addition to the regular mode. Low power mode is designed to allow hand tracking to work on thinner headsets (and perhaps even glasses) with smaller batteries while high power mode delivers the best possible hand tracking with the lowest possible latency by using more computing power and therefore energy.

Leap Motion Controller 2 owners can download Hyperion on from Ultraleap's downloads page.

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