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Turtle Beach Reveals Elaborate Microsoft Flight Simulator Controller

Turtle Beach Reveals Elaborate Microsoft Flight Simulator Controller

Turtle Beach just announced a new PC and Xbox controller designed to be used with Microsoft Flight Simulator, and it looks incredibly detailed, even if some of its features won’t be very meaningful to VR players.

The Velocity One will be launching in the near future and features multiple impressive components. It’s got a 180-degree yoke handle, a modular throttle quadrant and a huge amount of buttons, switches and levers to bring you closer to the experience.

Microsoft Flight Sim Controller

It looks exciting but it’s important to point out that many of Velocity One’s coolest features won’t really be that relevant to VR players. For example, the LCD display for flight stats is a very cool idea, but not of much use when you’ve got a headset obscuring your view of the real world.

There also isn’t any force feedback or rumble to speak of, which will take away from the immersion somewhat.

And, just to temper those expectations a tiny bit more, Velocity One costs $349.95. That might be worth the price for flatscreen players (especially those looking to pick up the soon-to-launch Xbox version), but it’s a big ask for VR players that won’t be utilizing all of its bells and whistles. Still, you can sign up for pre-orders right here, and it’s due to release this summer.

Elsewhere, Flight Simulator is due to get a tie-in with the new Top Gun movie later this year. There’s not much info on what it will include but expect some skins and maybe some incredible music at the very least.

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