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Tribeca Festival Reveals 2023 Immersive Selection, Including Pixel Ripped 1978 & More

Tribeca Festival Reveals 2023 Immersive Selection, Including Pixel Ripped 1978 & More

The Tribeca Festival revealed the lineup for its 2023 Tribeca Immersive selection today, including Pixel Ripped 1978 alongside other virtual, augmented and mixed reality experiences.

The festival runs from June 7-18 and the immersive selection will be featured at an in-person "Games & Immersive Experience" area at the festival hub (Spring Studios – 50 Varick Street, New York). The selection is split into the Main Competition and New Voices Competition. Some of the works featured are "mixed-reality" installations and similar in-person AR experiences, but there's also some new VR immersive entries to look out for as well.

"It's about creating that eclectic democratic space where things that would never meet anywhere else can actually meet and coexist," said Ana Brzezińska, Tribeca Immersive Curator. "The digital world for me is always full of your social media timeline or feed. You see everything in that feed. You see the war in see the climate crisis, and then suddenly you see small bits and pieces of entertainment and a food blog and you don't understand how this can coexist. But this is how digital life is, and I think our showcase is a little bit like it, it reflects the status quo."

Pixel Ripped 1978, the third-installment in the AVORE-developed series, will have its world premiere as part of the festival's Main Competition selection. The game is based around a partnership with Atari that will allow players to experience a range of Atari classics from the golden age of gaming in a whole new way.

There's also The Pirate Queen: A Forgotten Legend, a new VR puzzle game premiering as part of the Main Competition selection. Immersive media veterans Atlas V (known for Gloomy Eyes, Battlescar and Madrid Noir, to name a few) also have two entires – Monstrorama, a monster museum experience developed with Meta and Albyon, and In Search of Time, an immersive film about family developed alongsife Pressman Film.

In the New Voices Competition, there's Maya: The Birth (Chapter 1), an immersive superhero story that explores the shame, stigma and taboo around menstruation, and Reimagined Vol II: Mahal, an immersive experience inspired by Philippine mythology.

You can check out the full Tribeca Immersive lineup for more info ahead of the festival's start next month.

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