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The Tale Of Onogoro Release Date Announced

The Tale Of Onogoro Release Date Announced

A few weeks after its announcement, we already have a release date for VR adventure, The Tale of Onogoro.

The title will touch down on Quest on March 17 and its Coming Soon page is now up right here. It will cost $29.99. No other platforms have been confirmed for the game so far but, if there are any, they’ll very likely be releasing after this date. Check out the announcement trailer for the game below.

The Tale of Onogoro Release Date Confirmed

The game was developed by Amata K.K., which also worked on 2020’s The Last Labyrinth. Whilst that game featured a lot of puzzle-solving elements, Onogoro looks to have more of an action tint as players dual-wield weapons whilst exploring a supernatural version of ancient Japan.

Players will meet Haru Kose, a shrine maiden who helps them defeat beasts known as the Kami. Using two celestial weapons you can solve environmental puzzles and take the fight to enormous creatures.

Will you be trying out The Tale of Onogoro? Let us know in the comments below!

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