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Tetris Effect PC VR Review: A Hypnotic Classic, Sharper Than Ever

Tetris Effect PC VR Review: A Hypnotic Classic, Sharper Than Ever

When we first reviewed Tetris Effect on PSVR, we said this:

“So, yes, this is indeed Tetris… in VR. But, by applying its unmatched strand of spectacular visual and musical flair, Enhance creates something with a powerful, compelling and entirely unexpected hypnotism to it. For some of you, that’ll be enough to lay down the cash without a second thought. For others, I could wax lyrical until my face goes blue and you still wouldn’t reach for your wallet. But for those of you teetering on the fence? Go on, make the jump; this is a really, really great way to celebrate an all-time great.”

This week Tetris Effect finally makes the jump from PS4 to PC with full VR support intact. And it is, well, just as good as its ever been. In fact, the improved fidelity of PC VR headsets enriches the experience even further.

Tetris Effect earns its name mere minutes into your first play session. The game largely keeps the sacred foundations of the original intact; you micro-manage a set of ever-falling blocks, getting them to fit neatly together and clearing out lines before they pile too high. There are a few additions to the basics, but Effect is more interested in style than the pre-approved substance. Each of the game’s 30+ stages takes on a life of its own with visual themes, sound effects and music.

You really have to try it to believe it; somehow Tetris Effect can have you leaning into the breeze of the skyline in one moment and wincing at the scorching heat of smoldering blocks in the next. Even heading back in to revisit the game on PC, I found myself swept up by its arresting presence all over again. It’s lost none of its gleam.

Naturally, all of this is just slightly sharper inside practically every PC VR headset over PSVR. If you own an Index, then the winning combination of incredible screen clarity and crystal-clear off-ear headphones will bring Tetris Effect to a new level. But even on Rift S, Vive or otherwise, it’s an appreciated step up.

It’s still the case that some levels are a little harder to focus on in VR, but never to a point that should cause any concern. Tetris Effect in VR is a transcendent spectacle, a thriving biome that takes on a life of its own. Rarely has VR felt this organic. High praise for a fresh take on a gaming staple perhaps but play a level and I’d dare you to disagree with me.

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