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TankVR Is A Team-Based Vehicular Combat Game

TankVR Is A Team-Based Vehicular Combat Game

TankVR wants to bring you the experience that the arcade’s World of Tanks VR didn’t, but it needs your help to get there.

Developer Daniel Bedrich just launched a Kickstarter campaign for his vehicular combat game, which launched in Early Access on Steam last month. Unlike World of Tanks, which basically allowed players to control a war machine from a third-person perspective, TankVR casts players as a soldier placed inside the vehicle itself. You’ll be able to explore the entire cockpit as if you were really inside the machine, operating various weapons by approaching them.

In its Early Access state, the game is single-player only, but Bedrich plans to make this a social experience in which multiple players can operate the same tank. It’s a really intriguing idea that could be perfect for a co-op experience, though it’s hard to deny the game looks a little rough around the edges (and then some) at the moment.

To that end, Bedrich is hoping to raise a rather ambitious $77,338 via crowd-funding. This amount of money, he says, would allow him to finish the game up with multiplayer support including crew vs. crew and crew vs. AI battles. There are also stretch goals to add new maps and tanks into the game that reach into the $100,000 territory.

Currently a $5 pledge will get you a copy of the game’s Early Access release (the same price it is on Steam). The campaign ends next month.

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