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Synth Riders Quest 2 Update Adds Better Visuals And Preps 90Hz

Synth Riders Quest 2 Update Adds Better Visuals And Preps 90Hz

Kluge Interactive’s Synth Riders is the latest game to get the Quest 2 enhanced treatment.

The VR rhythm game, which recently celebrated its first anniversary, just got better visuals and other tweaks for Facebook’s new headset. Specifically, a Reddit post confirms the game has higher texture quality, improved anti-aliasing, better particle effects and no foveated rendering on Quest 2. Some of these improvements have been made on the original headset too.

Synth Riders Quest 2 Update Out Now

Not only that but Synth Riders has also been prepped to support 90Hz just as soon as Facebook unlocks the feature for developers. You can already play the game this way using a sneaky workaround in Developer Mode, though.

Elsewhere, Kluge confirmed that the game will still support custom songs on the new headset, too. Synth Riders is a little like Beat Saber with your hands – notes approach you to the beat of a given track and you need to hit them with your hands. Some notes require you to hold your hand in a certain place, too, making this a slightly groovier take on the formula.

Over on PC, meanwhile, Synth Riders was just included in a new bundle of VR games named Perfect Hit VR, including Eleven Table Tennis VR and Thrill of the Fight.

As for Quest 2, plenty of existing games are getting updates for the platform that add improved visuals, taking advantage of the headset’s improved horsepower. We’ve got a full list of Quest 2 enhanced games right here. Will you be checking out the Oculus Quest 2 update this week? Let us know in the comments below!


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