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Swarm Multiplayer Announced, Quest Beta Out Now

Swarm Multiplayer Announced, Quest Beta Out Now

Popular Oculus Quest shooter, Swarm, is getting a multiplayer mode, and you can join its beta right now.

Greensky Games launched the beta for the mode, named Atmos Arena, over on App Lab last month. Multiplayer retains Swarm’s core gameplay, in which players swing through environments using two grappling guns, but the current iteration features races and deathmatch options. The beta supports up to 10 players, though it’s very much in the prototype stages, using basic visuals and avatars as the developers map out what the final multiplayer offering for the game really looks like.

Swarm Multiplayer Revealed

But this appears to be only the start of Greensky’s plans for multiplayer: “Our plans for Swarm’s Multiplayer are big – we’re envisioning a massive open world, with many different games, (PvP, PvE, and PvEvP) skill based matchmaking and a fun social layer,” the developer noted over on its Discord channel. “So far we’ve built a very small, but important part of that vision and today we’re opening up Swarm’s Multiplayer Beta to everyone, via the App Lab, for free.”

The base game sees players take on hordes of drones as they swing around arena-style environments. We went hands-on with it at launch and really enjoyed what we played, though we haven’t gotten around to reviewing the full title. Elsewhere the game is yet to see a release on SteamVR as promised, but hopefully that support will arrive later in 2022.

Are you going to be jumping into Swarm’s multiplayer beta? Let us know in the comments below!

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