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Superhero Sim Megaton Rainfall Finally Gets PSVR Release Date

Update: Megaton Rainfall’s release date has just been pushed back to October 17th. Hang in there for a few more weeks!

It’s been some time since we’ve heard from Megaton Rainfall, the VR superhero simulation from Pentadimensional Games. Today, though, the game has returned to the spotlight with a release date in tow.

Megaton Rainfall hits PlayStation VR (PSVR) on September 26th. That’s just over a month and a half away. In the game, you play as a hero with the ability to fly, and must travel around the planet (and beyond) fighting back against an ongoing alien invasion. While you yourself might not die, you’ll be tasked with taking out enemies as quickly and as safely as possible to prevent human life. Even your own attacks will be able to destroy buildings, so precision and care is needed. Sounds fun, right?

Check out the trailer for the game below; a non-VR version will be included too.

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