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Stride Starts Beta Testing On Oculus Quest

Stride Starts Beta Testing On Oculus Quest

JoyWay is making strides (sorry) with the upcoming Oculus Quest port of Stride after the recent delay of the PSVR version.

The developer has opened sign-ups for Quest players to test the Tutorial and Endless Modes on the standalone headset. The beta is running from today through to April 12th and you’ll need to have a verified Oculus account to take part, as well as agree to an NDA. There’s no release date set for the Quest version of the game yet, though we’ve always suspected that the wire-free headset might make for the best home for it.

Stride Oculus Quest Testing Begins

Late last month, though, JoyWay also confirmed the PSVR version of the game had been delayed to late 2021 in order to add more content to the full release. “We originally planned to release the game by mid-spring with currently available content,” a Reddit post explained, “but recently we made the decision to give players more value in the game they buy.”

Stride is currently in Early Access on PC VR, where JoyWay continues to add new modes and features. Releasing the PSVR version later down the line will allow the team to put more of those additions into the console version of the game rather than adding them as they go. PlayStation titles can’t release branded as ‘Early Access’, so the move makes sense.

That said, it’s also true that Quest itself doesn’t allow titles to release in Early Access (other than through App Lab), so it may be some time before the full standalone version is ready too.

We tried the game out in September last year. We thought its free running mechanics made for a good Mirror’s Edge-inspired VR game, though some of its ideas needed work.

Where do you plan to play Stride? Let us know in the comments below!

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