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Stride Reveals New Multiplayer Add-On, In Alpha Now

Stride Reveals New Multiplayer Add-On, In Alpha Now

Joy Way’s popular VR free-running game, Stride, now has a multiplayer mode. Or a multiplayer add-on, to be precise.

Yup, is actually a separate release to the original game, though you can currently only get it if you own the original game itself on Steam. If you have access to that, is free to download. Check out a trailer below.

The first mode available in is ‘Zombie Horde’, which works a bit like tag. A set of players are cast as survivors whilst others are zombies. The zombies must chase and infect the survivors, and the winner of the game will essentially be the last man standing.

It’s a very interesting idea for the game, which uses a unique control scheme to allow players to leap over buildings, wall-run and much more. Think of it like Mirror’s Edge, just in VR.

Currently the app consists of just the one mode with a handful of maps to play on, but more will be added over time. Joy Way will be using feedback from the alpha to help inform the future of how multiplayer looks in Stride.

Meanwhile, the core single-player version of Stride is still in Early Access on Steam, but is also in development for the Oculus Quest. Joy Way is keeping itself busy – the studio also just featured a demo for brutal rhythm game, Against, during Steam Next Fest.

Will you be diving into Stride’s multiplayer mode? Let us know in the comments below!

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