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Steam Sees Huge Growth In Quest 2 Users Over Christmas

Steam Sees Huge Growth In Quest 2 Users Over Christmas

Steam saw a huge growth in Quest 2 users over the holiday season.

That is according to the just-updated Steam Hardware Survey. Quest 2 usage grew by 3.3%, jumping from 36.32% of the overall user base in early December to 39.62% at the start of 2022. The last few months have traditionally seen Quest 2 make gains between 1% – 2%, so this is a much bigger bump than we usually see.

Steam Hardware Survey January 2022 Results Revealed

Steam Hardware Survey January 2022

Indeed, developer accounts of sales stats and concurrent players suggested a huge number of Quest 2 units were opened on Christmas day. In total, all Meta headsets, including various generations of Quest and Rift, now make up well over 60% of total VR headset usage on Steam at the start of the year, though all other Oculus headsets shrunk in usage over the past month.

Valve Index usage also shrunk to 15.79%, though it remains the second most-used headset on the platform. HTC made some gains across its line of projects including a 0.14% bump for the Vive Cosmos (which was heavily discounted in sales), and Windows Mixed Reality grew by 0.1%, which may be attributed to the launch of the improved HP Reverb G2.

According to the survey, 1.93% of Steam users now use a VR headset, which is a slight growth over the past months. Of course, the Hardware Survey is entirely optional and thus not a definitive indication of the state of the PC VR market but with no companies sharing official sales stats, it’s the best we’ve got.

With 2022 now upon us it’ll be interesting to see how the charts shakeup over the course of the year. Meta will be releasing yet another new headset in the form of the standalone Project Cambria, but will there be other contenders to the PC VR thrown? We’ll have to wait and see.

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