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Star Wars: Dark Forces VR Fan Remake Looks Incredible

Star Wars: Dark Forces VR Fan Remake Looks Incredible

A developer is remaking Star Wars: Dark Forces with VR support, and it looks pretty incredible.

Developer Shadow Art was already working to bring the first-person shooter (FPS) classic to Unreal Engine 4 via flatscreen, but this week announced a VR version of the project too. Take a look at over three minutes of gameplay below.

Star Wars: Dark Forces VR Fan Remake Looks Amazing

In the footage, you can see a player fighting through an Imperial base with full motion controlled aiming and physical melee attacks. Though level layouts are similar to the original, VR support allows you to aim vertically and even line up your sights through the scope of a Stormtrooper assault rifle. The game also seems to be using the original’s sound effects, which is a nice touch.

No word yet on when the project might see release, but you can follow the developer’s work and donate from here.

The original Star Wars: Dark Forces was released in 1995, and played similar to the early Doom games. You fought the Empire as Kyle Katarn, a mercenary that would go on to become a Jedi in the popular sequels, but strictly kept to firearms in the first game.

If you’re looking for a more official Star Wars shooter experience, we can recommend Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge, which offers a simple but enjoyable campaign on Quest. Star Wars: Vader Immortal, meanwhile, gives you a more cinematic experience with a lightsaber in-hand.

Would you want to play a Star Wars: Dark Forces VR remake? Let us know in the comments below!

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