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VR Sci-Fi Shooter Space Ops Gets New Trailer, Release Date

VR Sci-Fi Shooter Space Ops Gets New Trailer, Release Date

It was only announced a few weeks ago but Fibrum and DevCube Studio’s next VR shooter, Space Ops VR, is nearly here. As such, our best look at the game yet just arrived.

The first trailer for Space Ops just landed. You’d be forgiven for mistaking this for other sci-fi VR shooters like Farpoint, Evasion, Gunheart, or even DevCube’s last game, Farhome. You visit a dusty alien planet and gun down hordes of bug-like enemies. Lots of shooty laser-type guns await you, all handled with VR’s motion controllers.

The trailer suggests this will be a visually rich experience, complete with the smooth locomotion that some VR players demand and others throw up at. It’s the game’s co-op angle that holds the most promise. You play as part of an elite space team that runs simulations on hostile encounters on different planets. You can either tackle missions by yourself or team-up with a friend. Better yet, the score-based system means you can get in a little light competition too.

That said, we’re yet to see a real spark from Space Ops, something that’ll separate it from the rest of the shooter pack. High-end graphics and plenty of content is nice, but will the game itself be entertaining enough to see all of it? The jury’s still out on that one.

As for the release date? Space Ops will be out on May 30th for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows VR. No plans for a PSVR or Quest version have yet been announced. The game’s now listed on Steam.

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