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Smash Drums SideQuest Demo Teases Drumming VR Game

Smash Drums SideQuest Demo Teases Drumming VR Game

Oculus Quest owners can try out a new demo called Smash Drums that shows promise for a drum-based VR rhythm game.

The free demo is available now on SideQuest with easy and hard difficulties on a sample song. While the demo functions as a sort of tease of what a full drumming-focused rhythm game might feel like on Oculus Quest, I found the demo to be pretty fun just by itself. It makes nice use of the 360-degree wireless freedom of Oculus Quest and offers a satisfying sense of really hammering the drums. The environment transforms around you as you play, because you’re rocking so hard the walls fall down and the place catches on fire.

Here’s some gameplay footage from the current demo:

Facebook tightly curates content for the Oculus Quest store and typically asks developers to submit a pitch document before developing with hope of releasing on the storefront. There’s also a high umber of rhythm VR games already on the market, or coming in the near future, so there’s some work to do before Smash Drums might be accepted onto the Quest store. The developer behind the game, France-based Mr Potam, plans to target both Quest and PC VR in early 2021 with a full release of 15 indie rock songs and other features.

I enjoyed my time in the demo so I’d love to see it get fully realized. If you check out the demo and like what you see, maybe let @SmashdrumsVR know about it on Twitter. And if you’re unfamiliar with sideloading you can find out how to use SideQuest with our guide here.

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