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Skydance's Behemoth Delayed Until Late 2024

Skydance's Behemoth

Skydance's Behemoth, the upcoming VR action RPG, receives a slight name change and a new release window.

Previously called Behemoth, Skydance Interactive tells UploadVR it has been officially renamed 'Skydance's Behemoth.' Releasing new visuals alongside this announcement, we also learned that the game received a major delay. Previously targeting a late 2023 release window, Skydance confirms it's now arriving in late 2024.

Revealed at Meta Connect 2022, a cinematic trailer followed at The Game Awards 2022 where it was described as having “brutal yet tactical VR combat.” Facing monolithic beings as a dangerous threat looms, here's the description Skydance Interactive previously provided:

In Behemoth, players will explore the plague-ravished wasteland of a once glorious empire, where its inhabitants are driven mad and cities have fallen to ruin. In glorious VR fashion, players’ bodies and minds will be tested as they combat towering colossal giants called Behemoths. Raw strength won’t be enough, however, as they must use various tools in their arsenal to defeat these gigantic creatures and the other nightmarish enemies that scour this brutal world in their quest for a possible cure.

Behemoth arrives in late 2024 on the Meta Quest platform, PSVR 2 and PC VR.

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