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Among Us VR, Bonelab & More Nominated For Best VR At The Game Awards 2022

Among Us VR, Bonelab & More Nominated For Best VR At The Game Awards 2022

It’s that time once again – The Game Awards are back on December 8 and the nominations for 2022’s Best VR/AR titles were revealed this week.

There’s five nominees in total, though much like last year, none of them are AR games. First is After The Fall from Vertigo Games, which launched last December but narrowly missed the 2021 cutoff. Schell Games’ Among Us VR is next, a game that was first revealed at last year’s ceremony. There’s also Bonelab from Stress Level Zero, Moss: Book 2 by Polyarc, and finally, Red Matter 2 from Vertical Robot.

While there’s some strong nominations here, 2022’s VR selection doesn’t include as many big franchises as we saw during The Game Awards 2021. In a race against Hitman 3, I Expect You To Die 2, Lone Echo 2, and Sniper Elite VR, last year’s award for Best VR/AR ultimately went to Resident Evil 4 VR

You can vote for your favorite game right now, with the winners decided by both fan votes and a jury. Voting is also open for 30 other categories, including ‘Game of the Year,’ though none of these include VR games (spare for VR support in F1 2022, nominated in Best Sports/Racing). However, it isn’t the only ceremony celebrating VR gaming, as AIXR’s VR Awards is also back on December 1.

The Game Awards 2022 takes place at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on December 8. Live at at 4:30pm PT / 7:30pm ET, you can watch it for free on YouTube and Twitch.

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