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Skonec Unveils "Strike Rush" Announcement Trailer Ahead of Launch

Skonec Unveils "Strike Rush" Announcement Trailer Ahead of Launch

This sponsored post was produced by UploadVR in partnership with Skonec Entertainment.

Players, it’s time to enter the 22nd century! Earlier in the year, Skonec Entertainment announced the closed beta testing of its 4v4 team-based VR action shooter, Strike Rush, and on March 18th, 2024 (KST), the team is excited to announce the newest trailer for the game as the official release date in April 2024 grows closer. In the meantime, check things out today on Discord and connect with the Strike Rush virtual reality community.

Think you can make a place for yourself in the fast-paced, futuristic Combat Arena? Players may choose from a variety of characters, called Blitzers, who, according to game lore, were a combat force with special abilities during the Great War. Blitzers were privy to the latest technology and weapons that regular soldiers didn’t use – now that same equipment is available for Strike Rush participants.

All Blitzers each have distinct personalities and abilities which the trailer above explores. They don’t have to battle alone in the arena, either! Blitzers are accompanied by Blitzmons, which are AI robots with unique forms and capabilities. On top of that, Blitzers can operate a gigantic, multi-purpose robot, called Colossus, that may be used to assist with physical labor, as well as military purposes. 

The Combat Arena is a real-scale map consisting of an old mining town called Oldruck Town, the Korean cityscape of Seorabeol, the historic-to-the-game Infinity Stadium in Dominion, and Facility 9, which is the private training center of the military company, Phantom.

Can’t get enough of all things Strike Rush? Link up with the team through X, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, and remember to join the Discord server to stay in the loop about upcoming developments and learn everything you need to know before the official game launch in April 2024. In the meantime, the game is ready for preorder on the Meta Quest platform today. Will you be the last Blitzer standing? 

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