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SideQuest Turns 3: New Features & 2.2 Million Monthly Active Users

SideQuest Turns 3: New Features & 2.2 Million Monthly Active Users

SideQuest is one of the most popular VR platforms with the largest catalog of standalone VR games – over 3000! Turning 3 years old this year, they have lots to celebrate. This year they hit an astonishing 2.2 million monthly active users! That’s tremendous growth!

Community has always been core to the decision making process at SideQuest, the VR community is a formidable one packed with super users and enthusiasts interested in the very cutting edge. VR is also becoming more mainstream and that means many more users new to VR, thankfully SideQuest has a good reputation for making things easier for newbies. SideQuest will soon release the biggest update ever to their tools and services which will make it easier than ever for users to leverage sideloading to supercharge their devices with access to whole new worlds of content!


The best from SideQuest is yet to come. While numerous updates have been shipped during the last year, for the past few months the team has been working on its biggest and most exciting update yet! In recognition of the 3rd birthday, the team is beyond excited to introduce new features to SideQuest to make it easier to solve some of the most common problems with sideloading. The new tools from SideQuest will go further than ever before to proactively diagnose and solve problems that users often face.

You can join their Discord channel to get the latest news and find other players.


One of the coolest types of content you can find on SideQuest is VR game ports of popular open source and shareware game ports like Doom 3, Minecraft, Quake 2, and Return to Castle Wolfenstein. The only issue with them was the often difficult process of transferring files after you buy the game on platforms like Steam. This process is intimidating for some users, thankfully the new SideQuest will address this by introducing pre-set file transfer profiles for popular game ports. If the original game is installed on the computer, transfer profiles allow users to install game ports with a single click of a button! It will never be easier to install VR game ports on your headset! Thanks to all the hardworking devs who often give much of their free time to make these ports. 


To celebrate their 3rd birthday, SideQuest has launched another big update – giveaways for users of the SideQuest website! With new giveaways announced daily, users can win some awesome prizes like VR game keys, accessories and Quest 2 headsets! Many giveaways are completely free to enter but you can also earn points to get more chances by just visiting and downloading games regularly.

During the days following SideQuest’s birthday, May 23rd, lots of keys, swag and hardware giveaways will be free to enter! Prizes will include over 650 game keys for 70+ games, lots of VR accessories, SideQuest hoodies and THIRTY THREE Quest 2 headsets, that’s nearly $20,000 worth of prizes!

Happy 3rd birthday SideQuest Community!

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