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Ambiguous PSVR Adventure Separation Gets First Gameplay Footage

Ambiguous PSVR Adventure Separation Gets First Gameplay Footage

Those that like to use VR to explore will definitely want to check out this first look at PSVR adventure, Separation.

A first look at the game was revealed during last night’s PSVR Awards Show from PSVR Without Parole (guest-starring me!). Recluse describes the game as a “spiritual journey into epic desolation”. You awaken in the middle of what appears to be a barren desert and set out in search of obelisks. Lighting them up guides your way to the Temple of Sorrow. Sounds cheery!

Not sold on description alone? Well then check out over eight minutes of footage below. It’s got a bit more than what was shown at the awards.

This looks like a very methodical exploration game. The eight minutes of gameplay doesn’t have any combat or puzzles. It’s entirely focused on searching the game’s vast landscape. But that landscape looks absolutely captivating; sprawling abandoned architecture and rolling planes stretching out for miles to see. It reminds me a little of the excellent Eclipse: Edge of Light.

It definitely won’t be for everyone, then, but I can’t wait to dive into Separation’s lonely world and poke around for myself. The visual design is incredibly striking and the story, though mysterious, holds some promise.

Recluse says the game will offer around two hours of gameplay so, again, bear in mind this probably won’t be for everyone. No word on a release other platforms for now.

Separation is coming to PSVR in January 2020. We’re looking forward to trying it out. What about you? Let us know in the comments below!

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