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Sam & Max's PC VR Demo Returns To Steam

Sam & Max's PC VR Demo Returns To Steam

Still wondering about Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual but don’t have an Oculus Quest? You’ve got another chance to try the demo for the upcoming PC VR version now.

The demo for the game, which was originally part of Steam Next Fest a few months back, returned last week. It lets you play through a few segments of the game’s opening, introducing you to the iconic duo in VR for the first time, letting you visit their offices and tackle the first case.

There’s no word yet on when the game’s actually releasing on PC, though, and it’s meant to be coming to PSVR at an unannounced date too.

We thought Sam & Max had a great script that kept us laughing throughout, but its light focus on interaction meant the game started to wear out its welcome in the second half. “While its first half feels fresh and snappy as it throws new gameplay concepts at you every few minutes, its latter portion suffers from diminishing returns as it exposes half-baked mechanics and throws in some frustrating puzzles,” we said, giving the game a ‘Good’ rating.

Are you going to be checking out the PC VR demo for This Time It’s Virtual? Let us know in the comments below!

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