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Richie's Plank Experience Is Coming To Oculus Quest This Month

Richie's Plank Experience Is Coming To Oculus Quest This Month

Get ready to walk the plank without wires for the first time ever. Yes, Richie’s Plank Experience is coming to Oculus Quest.

Unfamiliar with this one? It’s developed by Toast and has long been a popular choice to showcase VR’s sense of height and vertigo. You journey up a skyscraper and dare yourself to edge out along a plank. One wrong move and you’ll come tumbling down. You can even use a VR controller to measure out the length of a real plank and shimmy along it.

We’ve got a little bit of gameplay of the Quest version right here.

This edition is launching on June 27. Yes, you’ll be able to walk along a plank without a wire. Quest is a standalone headset that doesn’t require a PC or smartphone to run.

Toast tells us this version of the game has a 20m limit for the plank. It will also be the first version of the game to include the Missile Defence mode from the recent Hero Academy update. That update also includes a rocket racing mode that allows you to fly with rocket hands. You can even use the Sky Brush to write in the sky as you fly. The Hero Academy update originally came to PSVR. PSVR users will be getting the Missile Defence mode in an incoming update.

And, yes, this version of the game will support cross-buy. Buy it on Quest and you’ll also get it on Oculus Home via the Oculus Store. That means it’ll cost $14.99, same as the Rift version.

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