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Resident Evil Village: VR Mode Is Free DLC, Joins Five New PSVR 2 Launch Games

Resident Evil Village: VR Mode Is Free DLC, Joins Five New PSVR 2 Launch Games

Capcom confirms Resident Evil Village: VR Mode will be free DLC for existing owners, launching alongside PSVR 2 next February.

Following on from Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, which had optional PSVR support at launch in 2017, Capcom revealed the news on PlayStation Blog. Releasing on February 22, 2023, all you need is a copy of Resident Evil Village (or its Gold Edition) to access the free VR Mode DLC as a separate download on PlayStation Store.

First announced in June, Resident Evil Village lets you play the entire main story in VR with PSVR 2, following Ethan Winters as he tries to rescue his daughter. However, there’s still no confirmation if there’s PSVR 2 compatibility for The Mercenaries mode or Shadows of Rose DLC (though it’s worth noting the latter only supports third-person gameplay).

The reveals didn’t stop there, as Sony outlined six newly confirmed PSVR 2 games in a separate PS Blog post. Prominently, that includes a reboot of Fantavision, Sony’s PS2 puzzle game developed by the now-defunct Japan Studio in 2000, with Cosmo Machia taking over development duties.

Fantavision 202x joins Altair Breaker, Kizuna AI – Touch the Beat! and The Tale of Onogoro, and Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate (which was previously announced for the platform) as PSVR 2 launch games. Rounding the list off is X8, though an exact release date remains unconfirmed.

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