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Resident Evil Rereleases Disrupt VR Mods, RE8 DLC Poses PSVR 2 Questions

Resident Evil Rereleases Disrupt VR Mods, RE8 DLC Poses PSVR 2 Questions

Capcom had a bunch of announcements for its Resident Evil series at its showcase yesterday, all of which have various implications for the VR community.

The company’s showcase was featured at the end of a long week of digital events, which also included the Upload VR Showcase. We’d already seen several announcements from Capcom elsewhere during the week, including the reveal of PSVR 2 support for Resident Evil 8 and PSVR 2 content for the Resident Evil 4 Remake. There weren’t any direct announcements on the VR side last night, but a few announcements might prove relevant going forward.

Resident Evil 2, 3 And 7 Rereleased, Disrupting VR Mods

One major reveal was the launch of improved versions of Resident Evil 2, 3 and 7. Each game has come to PS5 and Xbox Series consoles, with free updates to the PC versions too. At the time of writing, however, the updates disrupt the excellent VR mod from Praydog (except for Resident Evil 8), and will need an update to get working again.

Also there’s sadly still no official VR support for the PC version of Resident Evil 7 and no word on if any of these improved versions could come to PSVR 2, too. Fingers crossed, though!

Resident Evil 8 Getting DLC, But PSVR 2 Support In Question

The other big announcement on the Resident Evil side was for the DLC reveal for Resident Evil 8. The October 28 launch will introduce a new third-person mode, extra characters for The Mercenaries mode and even a new story campaign, Shadows of Rose. But it doesn’t seem like much, if any of this content will support PSVR 2.

Last night’s video and subsequent blog post explained that the game’s “main campaign” is coming to PSVR 2. It makes no mention of The Mercenaries mode, nor Shadows of Rose. The latter piece of content is also played from third-person, making it seem unlikely that we’ll get full PSVR 2 support, at least at launch.

Resident Evil 4 Gets Extended Look, But No Mention Of PSVR 2 Content

Resident Evil 4 Remake PSVR 2

Finally, we got an extended look at Resident Evil 4’s anticipated remake. First announced at the beginning of the month, we know the PS5 version of the game will feature PSVR 2 content. But no extra information was shared on that content during the showcase. The game sure looks pretty, though!

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