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Real VR Fishing Brings Stunning Environments To Quest Next Month

Real VR Fishing Brings Stunning Environments To Quest Next Month

When it comes to virtual fishing, I’m more of a Bait! guy than a simulator lover. Real VR Fishing is set to strike a nice balance between the two when it launches on Quest next month.

Developer MirageSoft recently confirmed to Upload that its mobile VR fishing game will make the jump to the Oculus standalone on September 12th. Real VR Fishing is already available on Go, where it’s proven quite popular. On Quest, though, players will benefit from full six degrees of freedom (6DOF) controls. That means more realistic casting and reeling.

I’ve tried a handful of levels from the Quest port and, though I’m no big fan of the sport, I was pretty impressed. Real VR Fishing uses photogrammetry to reproduce real-world locations across South Korea with stunning results. Check out some of the gameplay I captured below.

The Reel Deal

It’s simple to get the hang of, too. While casting your line and reeling it in works as you’d expect, the game gives you helpful indicators for actually catching fish. A pair of virtual AR glasses (meta, I know) show you where fish are and how rare they might be. When fighting to bring one in, you’ll occasionally need to pull your fishing rod to one side or another, all while managing a meter as you reel.

Harder fishes will be trickier to catch, but the game also has three difficulty modes that will reduce the help indicators you get too. I have no idea how you’re meant to fish at night time, but anyone that wants to slip on a Quest, take a seat and sip a beer won’t be pushed to play faster or anything like that.

For each catch, you’ll be able to choose between keeping it for money or releasing it for experience points. The latter gradually unlocks new stages while the former lets you buy more equipment.

Real VR Fishing will launch with 15 lakes and rivers. Again, they’re all from South Korea, but the chance to explore a bunch of spots around the country is pretty compelling. As you play, you’ll be able to build up a home environment with your own decorations. That includes an aquarium that you can populate with your prizes.

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