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Ready At Dawn Moves On From Lone Echo II & Echo Combat

Ready At Dawn Moves On From Lone Echo II & Echo Combat

Ready At Dawn won’t issue further updates to Lone Echo II and Echo Combat will only see major bug fixes going forward.

The Meta-owned studio provided the guidance in a blog post this week indicating work is underway “on new, exciting projects” but that single-player PC VR adventure Lone Echo II won’t see further “bug fixes and localization.” Ready At Dawn made it clear back in 2020 there were no plans for the multiplayer zero-g shooter to jump to Oculus Quest like Echo Arena did, but now the developers say going forward they will only “fix major bugs and issues as they appear” for Echo Combat on PC. 

“We’ve heard the community asking for new maps, guns, and features to be added to the Echo Combat game mode. Unfortunately, the team is unable to dedicate the time and resources to generate new content for Combat,” the post reads. “We will not be adding any new content (maps, guns, abilities) to Echo Combat.”

Lone Echo II was the PC-based Rift’s last exclusive title and our review at release noted “technical hiccups” even on high-end hardware. Numerous reviews on the Oculus Store noted performance issues as well and while Ready At Dawn says it “did extensive testing and research on various PC set ups to ensure the game was performant” there were still issues with some “specific PC set ups.”

“We unfortunately haven’t been able to identify a specific root cause for the crashes reported. Due to this and the fact that the team have shifted over to work on other projects, we have no plans for additional patches or updates to Lone Echo II in the future. This includes bug fixes and localization,” the post reads. “We understand this news can be upsetting and apologize for any frustration it may cause.”

With Echo VR continuing to live on both Quest and Rift as a very popular free-to-play 4v4 team sport, Ready At Dawn says its developers are also in the “early stages of working on new, exciting projects.”

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